STANLEY PowerLock Tape Measure 12-Foot


STANLEY PowerLock Tape Measure: Your reliable tool for accurate and durable measurement in any setting.

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The STANLEY PowerLock Tape Measure is a 12-foot measuring tool designed for precision and durability. It features a Mylar-coated blade for longevity, a heat-treated spring, and a die-cast metal case to withstand rigorous use. The Tru-Zero hook ensures accurate measurements and doubles as a pivot for drawing circles and arcs.

Best Features:

  • Mylar-Coated Blade: Enhances durability and reduces abrasion.
  • Tru-Zero Hook: Ensures accurate measurements and versatile use.
  • Automatic Rewind: Simplifies tape retraction.

Best Used For: Ideal for professionals in construction and woodworking, as well as DIY enthusiasts needing reliable measurement.

With its robust construction and accurate marking features, the STANLEY PowerLock Tape Measure is a top choice for anyone seeking reliability in their measuring tools.