Black Iron Hori Hori


Introducing the Black Iron Hori Hori – your ultimate outdoor companion for all your gardening and camping needs! This versatile tool, inspired by the traditional Japanese digging knife, is a must-have for any adventurer or green thumb.



Crafted from durable black iron, this Hori Hori boasts a sharp, serrated edge on one side, perfect for cutting through tough roots and stubborn weeds. The opposite side features a smooth edge, ideal for precise digging and planting. The pointed tip allows for easy soil penetration, while the sturdy full-tang construction ensures longevity and strength.

The ergonomic handle, made from sustainable wood, provides a comfortable and secure grip, even during prolonged use. The handle also features a convenient hole for attaching a lanyard or hanging the tool for storage.

Measuring 7.5 inches in length, the Black Iron Hori Hori is the perfect size to tackle a variety of tasks, from planting bulbs and seedlings to removing rocks and digging fire pits. It comes with a durable leather sheath, ensuring safe storage and easy transport on your belt or backpack.

Whether you’re a passionate gardener or an outdoor enthusiast, the Black Iron Hori Hori is a reliable and indispensable tool that will accompany you on all your adventures. Add this exceptional multi-purpose tool to your collection today and experience the difference it makes in your outdoor pursuits!