Welcome to the Wild Side

Welcome to Survival Gear Outpost, your new digital campfire and rendezvous point for the rugged adventurers, the tireless preppers, and the homesteading heroes of today. Born from the ashes of a once-thriving early 2000s survival forum, we’re back—not just to revive a website, but to spearhead a revolution in outdoor digital journalism.

Meet Your Trail Guide: Blair Witkowski

I’m Blair Witkowski, your guide and fellow truth-seeker in this journey through the wilds. You might know me from Tech Writer EDC, where I’ve carved out a reputation for no-nonsense gear reviews and incisive commentary on everything Everyday Carry. With Survival Gear Outpost, we’re scaling new heights, bringing on board a passionate team ready to cover the spectrum from backpacking to bushcraft.

Founder & Writer: Blair Witkowski

Cutting Through the Underbrush

Here’s the deal: the internet is a jungle of affiliate links and sponsored content. At Survival Gear Outpost, we cut through the underbrush with the sharp edge of honesty. We’re not here to push products or pad pockets; we’re here to share real stories, review gear with integrity, and offer you the unfiltered truth about the tools you need to thrive in the wild.

Mission: Truth in the Great Outdoors

Our mission is bold and straightforward: to deliver a fresh, uncompromising perspective on the outdoor lifestyle. We’ll tackle the hard questions about gear, explore the politics of survival, and expose how big tech and government often leave the everyday citizen out in the cold. At Survival Gear Outpost, we believe in living the EDC dream with eyes wide open and a compass firmly set on truth.

meet our team

Meet Our Crew

blair Witkowski


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Rory Witkowski

Writer & Painter

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Richard Corrigan

Writer & Product Tester

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Lauren Lesco

Writer & Product Tester

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Voices of the Wilderness

So, if you’re tired of the same old story and ready for a magazine that talks tough and treks harder, you’ve found your base camp. Manufacturers, take note: send us your gear at your own risk. We’re here to test, not to flatter. To our readers, expect nothing less than the raw, the real, and the revolutionary.

Join us at Survival Gear Outpost—where the spirit of adventure thrives and the truth always finds a way out. Let’s take the trail less traveled, together.

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