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Why Survival Gear Outpost?

The internet is littered with countless websites about survival. So it’s worth asking, what makes Survival Gear Outpost worth your time? When you could read survival advice and gear reviews anywhere, why choose us?

The reason is simple: because you can smell B.S. a mile away. One thing that makes us stand out is our commitment to real, honest assessments of tried-and-tested gear. We aren’t gear manufacturers trying to sell you our own products, and we also don’t accept money from other companies to write positive reviews.

Our whole reason for existing is that we want to be a trusted destination for outdoor gear reviews. We want to help you learn and make informed decisions. End of story.

About Survival Gear Outpost

Survival Gear Outpost started as an Instagram account dedicated to EDC and survival gear. But as that account grew, we started seeing more and more requests to collaborate with—and promote—a variety of other companies and brands.

All kinds of gear manufacturers and Kickstarter campaigns wanted us to feature their products. That experience reinforced something that we already knew: that all gear, watches, tools and equipment are not created equal.

We made it our mission never to promote a product we didn’t believe in. If we wouldn’t pay money for it or use it ourselves, it had no business going in our feed. 

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Wilderness Survival

Master the art of wilderness survival with our comprehensive selection of resources and gear. Whether you’re planning a remote trek or preparing for emergency situations, our expertly chosen tools, guides, and equipment will ensure you’re ready to face the challenges of the wild.

Meet Our Writers & Reviewers

That commitment to unbiased assessments and real experience is still the driving force behind Survival Gear Outpost. As your trusted destination for outdoor gear reviews, we’re a team of experts who make sure every article, guide, and review is rooted in real-world experience. When it comes to survival, we believe that you should never have to rely on sub-par gear or inadequate information.

Simply put, if you’re looking for advice on the best survival gear, we’re here to offer it to the best of our ability.

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